Keep moving forward with Hermes

The Hermes Protective Footwear and Personal Orientation System is essential for effective field deployment as part of Brownstone Spatial Containment and Disposals.

Drawing fusion power from the Helos power generation unit, you will be shielded from and be able to manoeuvre through the most adverse and perplexing mission locales.

As with the Enduo suit, distortion emitters will provide a non-physical barrier against magnetic, spatial, temporal and other conditions unfavourable for an operator’s cellular and neural functions.

We understand that such situations call for assistive technologies when operators would find it impossible to provide locomotion under their own power. 

Powerful magnetic and impulse drivers allow ease of movement across land, sea, air, weightless and more exotic spatial topologies.

Brownstone takes pride in looking after those that look after our interests. We hope that through your training and deployment, you will keep this mantra close in your thoughts.

Welcome to the team.

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