You won’t believe this door port disaster

Brian (26) was a service industry worker at the historic London resort, taking diving parties into what used to be the Underground train tunnels. 

July 27th ought to have been like any other shift, but he couldn’t have prepared for what happened to him that evening.

That Thursday morning, Brian had taken his seventh doorport of the week, from his small northern county town to the resort staff quarter and walked to the nearby Finchley Dockside. After a short rest to acclimatise, he began a gruelling 9-hour work day but did not complete a full half hour rest after that before taking the door home.

It was on the opposite end of his journey, just beyond the portstop when he was attacked and robbed by four individuals that remain at large – his incident report being listed as 14,567 on the Civil Investigations Board (CIB), likely to take several years for the severely-limited department to even preliminary fact-finding.

These attackers took advantage of many city workers not allowing adequate time for full rest before taking doorports. The spatial/temporal displacement and sudden changes in atmospheric composition/pressure cause a physiological response known as ‘Glassing’, in which motor skills, awareness, higher cognition and other bodily functions are impaired.

Our publication freely bought his Pithos sale of several key memories, after initial contact with us about this attack as he lay dying, to pay for his inevitable arrangements and future provision for his family.

This latest story is one of many thousands of a similar kind, where authorities have promised action on criminals that prey on hard-working people – but none seems to be forthcoming. Some groups have even organised ‘Port Watches’ of their own to combat the problem themselves.

Our recommendation is that if you are travelling cross country or continent for work, you should make contact with others on commute to make sure that no journey is taken alone.

We have reached out to the CIB for comment, with no response forthcoming as yet.

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